Safe Haven

All writers are in search of that spot. You know, the place where words feel comfortable enough to spill out of you onto your page freely. The place where Writer’s Block is prohibited to enter. The place of inspiration that you’ll nostalgically discuss with Oprah while promoting your book.

The helping powers of a comfy chair, a hot cup of tea, and free Wi-Fi have long been known to writers and readers alike. There are plenty locations that provide this safe space for those seeking asylum from the chaos of the outside world. The coffee shop across the street, where you down endless cups of coffee and write for hours during the day, just to come back for a spoken word event the same night. The library, where the smell of old books and the glue binding them together are comforting as you write, reminding you that books are immortal and more powerful than every one of us. That comfy chair in that comfy local bookstore, where you hope to one day sell the book you’re penning. The local bar with the bartender that knows you, facilitating good conversation one night and deep, personal writing the next. Your city’s book festival, inspiring writers and readers alike, with its welcoming excitement of books from all genres.

We are all lucky to have these locations in our lives, providing us insight, inspiration, comfort, and reassurance. And don’t forget to reveal that spot in the bio that Garrison Keillor will mention before reading your work on Writer’s Almanac.